“Study Report and Innovative Guide of I.C.H. Acquisition”

Effective Acquisition Methods of Intangible Cultural Heritage The guide that we are presenting is made with the purpose of preserving and passing on our Intangible Cultural Heritage. It represents help in the area of education and rising awareness in this field and focuses especially on youth and youth workers, who could become agents of positive change for future generations and keepers of our cultural history.

The main aims of the guidebook are:

  • empowering youth workers to use ICH teaching methods,
  • to speak about the best practices of ICH acquisition for youth workers,
  • to facilitate better understanding of the importance of IHC by youth,
  • to understand the reason why ICH is important for target group,
  • to capacitate building methods for (youth and culture centered) NGOs regarding ICH acquisition,
  • to transfer the knowledge about acceptance and protection of ICH,
  • to attract the attention of youth to ICH,
  • sharing methods and best practices as a tool for youth workers, sharing interesting learning habits to enthral youngsters for ICH,
  • determining why ICH is essential for creating an inclusive society,
  • to focus learning habits of youth to ICH

Definition of the focus group of the guide 

In our guide we focus on the following members of society:

  • Men, women, youth, children, ICH bearers, local inhabitants
  • Youth workers, trainers (experts in culture), teachers and educators
  • NGOs working in the field of ICH
  • Specialists, professional workers (the field of ICH), museum workers, academics
  • Policy makers, local politicians

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