Kula Yarenleri

Kula Yarenleri, located in the Kula district of Manisa, continues to exist with the Ahi system. First of all, if we look at the meaning of the word Yaren, it means friend, lover and acquaintance. In connection with this, Yaren chats can be briefly defined as entertaining conversations between friends. There is no specific age range to join this community and its chats, but of course there is a criterion. Since this community is maintained by the Ahi system, the most important determining factor is good behavior and good disposition. The head of the general team, who deals with the young people who will join the new people, is called ‘Yarenbaşı’. Yarenbaşı takes care that the young people who want to join the team are good-natured, do not have bad habits such as alcohol and do not use bad words. In general, they refuse to include people who do not fit into the team from the very beginning, since what the team aims to gain is good manners in a nutshell. It is possible for Yarenbaşı to be the only one or to be the most mature individual of the group, but there can be more than one Yarenbaşı. Yarenbaşı also has the authority to punish or expel him from the team in any case. Every person in the team is called ‘Kızan’ and those who play in the team are called ‘Efe’. The Yaren team is also involved in many important organizations such as weddings, circumcision and bridal reception. However, the most important among them is wedding organizations. Many old customs are made in their current form and the importance of the day is given even more meaning.

National community center “Izgrev-1930”  Bulgaria

Manisa Valiligi  Turkey

MAKGED  Turkey