Kandil Feneri

These two elements have a historical background dating back to the conquest of Manisa. Saruhanoğulları used a clever strategy during the war on the night they conquered Manisa from the Byzantines. In order to intimidate the other side during the war, they put candles on the horns of the small cattle that were with the army, explosives that would make a sound, bells and bells so that the army would appear crowded and noisy. In this way, the Byzantine army was intimidated and gave up fighting and handed over the key of Manisa to Saruhanoğlus. This clever tactic belonged to a young man from Manisa, from Çobanisa. To show his gratitude, Saruhan Bey sent these materials used in the war to the place where that young man lived. The village people made a celebration using these sent materials and this later became a tradition. It was also taken in Manisa Regaip Kandil, which increases the importance of the event. The construction of the Kandil Feneri is also directly related to the celebrations held on the night of Regaip Kandili. The people of Manisa would go out to the streets after the mawlid, rifles and pistols would be thrown, children would explode sparklers and cracklings, lanterns would be lit. In addition, the Kandil Feneri is similar to the local tradition of bringing a bundle to the bride’s house. It is a gift from the groom’s side to the bride’s home that the Regaip Kandili night is sent to her. Insıde of it was fuul of clothes and various other gifts for the bride. Additionally, some, though not all, were equipped with mirrors. In Turkish literature, the mirror is the best gift to be given to the lover because the beloved is actually the most beautiful. Besides being a gift, the Kandil Feneri also has beautiful meanings under it. Another is that it also represents fertility and the tree of life. Kandil Feneri is usually made of three floors, but there is no such requirement. There are also examples made in maximum seven layers upon request. The higher the floor, the higher the message that the families expects a grandchild. In addition, the fact that each of the floors is smaller compared to each other as they rise is likened to the tree of life.

National community center “Izgrev-1930”  Bulgaria

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