Culinary Fair

The traditional local products fair is organized by Izgrev – 1930, Cultural and Community Centre in the village of Banichan in the autumn, when the harvest is already gathered from the fields, and the famous Banichan onions’ production is the pride of every home.
Local authorities, businesses, schools, kindergartens, agricultural producers, as well as artisans, traders, many NGOs and stakeholders are involved in the realization of the event. It is held not only for the local community, but the visitors who come from all over the country, as well as international participants and guests. This Fair is the first one of its kind in South-western Bulgaria.
The main goal of the fair is conservation and promotion of the Banichan Onion or the locally known ‘water’ /sweet/ onion. It is one of the 30 Bulgarian tastes included in the Ark of Taste. However, another very important goal is to provoke concern of the young generation about environmental protection, build healthy eating habits and production of organic food. Food plays a central role not only in determining the quality of life of people and nations, but also in the history, creation and development of their culture and identity. Protecting the environment is our priority as well as protecting the biodiversity and promoting a sustainable food system are key to mitigate and limit the climate change. Our daily choices, starting with what we eat and what we feed others, can help change the world and create a better future for generations to come. All people, no matter where and in what circumstances, should have sustainable production and consumption choices.
This is not just a food festival. It is a cross point between our local culinary heritage, natural resources and the folklore. Along with the various delicacies prepared by following old recipes, many art and folklore performers from different settlements present their performances on the stage. The village turns into a rich extravaganza of sounds, songs, dances and incredibly beautiful costumes. And, the ornaments, kept for centuries and handed down from mother to daughter, bear the patina of family memory. The program includes many different workshops and demonstrations as follows: Stork Academy for the little ones; A Walk to the Park for “retired” donkeys, the only one of its’ kind in the Balkans; Baking a Pie; Onion Toys and Souvenirs Workshop; Onion King and Queen contests and many more. Food tasting of many local old dishes are provided for all participants and guests, everyone can buy and take away delicious artisanal culinary products, delicious Banichan onions, lincho beans, airyan, cakes, pies and many more. There are prizes for producers in the different categories, and the pleasure to dance together with your communities members in a ‘horo’ (traditional round dance) is a stunning experience!
The holiday is complete when it is shared with friends! We will be happy to be your hosts! Banichan is waiting for you!

National community center “Izgrev-1930”  Bulgaria

Manisa Valiligi  Turkey

MAKGED  Turkey